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I love that shit!

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Mathematics and Traditional Cuisine

The mathematics of Pasta: A process analysis to find unity, formulas and ways to express structure mathematics of pasta shapes, by their mathematical and geometric properties.
See more at: The Maths of Pasta by George L. Legendre.


  • 'Pasta By Design' - Created by a team of designers, ‘Pasta by Design’ book reveals the hidden mathematical beauty of pasta: its geometrical shapes and surfaces are explained by mathematical formulae, drawings and illustrations.
  • Animated gifs - From video: The traditional pasta making techniques used at Della Terra Pasta by Chris Becker [Video] - shared at here.

Types of Pasta in the post (From left to right):  Agnolotti - Tortellini - Saccottini - Sagne Incannulate - Pappardelle.

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Do not adjust your browser, major websites are “slowing down” to save Net Neutrality

Sept. 10 has been designated as a day of “Internet Slowdown” in the Battle for Net Neutrality. All day, prominent websites and organizations — from the ACLU, WordPress.com, Vimeo, Meetup and Kickstarter — have added messages to their websites asking visitors to contact their lawmakers and the Federal Communications Commission in support of net neutrality.

This is what your browser could look like | Follow micdotcom 


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How has this scene never been a top 10 scene in so many lists? Such a wonderful moment between these two.

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Storm over New York


Storm over New York

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Being good to each other is so important, guys.

This is such a great split comic.

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Clara Oswald in "Deep Breath"

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I think I’ve had 6 different variations of this conversation.