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Scientific Diagrams | John Philipps Emslie | Via

*wide eyed*

I’d LOVE to turn these into prints and hang them in my apartment.


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The US grouped by first two ZIP code digits

How in the hell is Florida and LA/SanDiego able to un-couple like that?

Oh, shit, I can’t stop laughing.

Oh, shit, I can’t stop laughing.

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Muggleborns at Hogwarts

I lost my shit at stomp stomp clap

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I really want these two just hanging out together all the time and constantly making regeneration jokes.

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Unofficial Map: New York Regional Rail by Carter Green

To say I’m excited to share this map with you would be an understatement.

In August, I was contacted by Carter Green, a high school student who had been inspired by my maps (especially my map of French TGV routes) and had created his own of regional rail services in and around New York City. He asked whether I would mind taking a look at it, which I did. Immediately, I was impressed with the amazing quality of the cartography, but had a few suggestions which I thought Carter could implement. He took my ideas on board, and has now got back to me with the final version - and it’s beautiful.

Have we been there? My only experience with regional rail in the New York area is a NJ Transit train from Newark Airport to Penn Station.

What we like: A nicely unified design - the whole map gives off an elegant Art Deco feel (very appropriate for New York!), courtesy of the distinctive Neutraface type family and some nice little flourishes in arrowheads and the map’s north pointer.

The use of increasingly large circles for hub stations is something that could have looked terrible, but I think Carter has actually pulled it off very well - your eye is definitely drawn to them, and it quickly gives an idea of a station’s importance.

I absolutely adore the circular treatment of routes around Philadelphia, which is new to this version of the map.

Neat integration of New York Subway interchanges.

I wish I’d thought of Carter’s solution for stations where not every train stops - white dots linked by connecting lines, as seen on the red Metro-North routes into Connecticut.

What we don’t like: Some minor, minor things. The symbols for connecting services that aren’t the Subway aren’t as effective (just three-letter abbreviations and teeny tiny airport symbols for the AirTrain services).

The curves where a route line has to “step down” to remain next to other routes on the same corridor (on the Metro-North Waterbury branch, for example) could be smoother to fit better with the graceful curves seen throughout the rest of the map.

A couple of errors that can easily be fixed: the LIRR Belmont seasonal service is shown in the legend, but not its parent Greenport branch. “AirTrain” is misspelled as “AirTran” in the legend.

Our rating: Incredibly impressive work that shows a very complex network of services from many different agencies and makes it visually compelling and informative. Did I mention Carter is still in high school? Four-and-a-half stars.

4.5 Stars!

(Source: Email correspondence with Carter Green)


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We know what sine looks like. It looks like sine. It starts at the origin and goes lumpity-lumpity-lumpity-lumpity.
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Ya gotta do the head bob as you say the last bit.

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I love helping students with their work. I’m also doing a lot of online recitations and web video teaching. I want to make a science blog one day with a video series with it. Which means I can’t stop watching YouTube vlogs. I love them. One of my favorites is mydrunkkitchen with the fantastic Hannah Hart.

Now, students email me questions and I reply back as soon as I can. I try to be as helpful as I can, but sometimes I say a lot of things that I think are funny… and then apologize for it. Case in point:


When I wrote that, I asked myself, “why does (3) sound familiar?” It’s because I can imagine Hannah Hart saying that, so I felt justified…. and then felt the need to include the side-note at the bottom.




I’m just gonna leave this right here…. LOL 

Snark levels = high

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